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                                       has provided 40+ years of design and contributions to the field of RC Helicopters & Drones for the motion picture industry. A few of his contributions are; First Inverted Flight, First Inverted Landing, First Auto-Rotation even the first and Only Tail Stand maneuver. Mike is a four-time National AMA Helicopter Champion and U.S. World Helicopter Team Member.

In 1976, Mike designed the world’s first Aerial Drone with video downlink which led to contracts with companies such as National Enquire Magazine providing the world’s first aerial drone photography. 

In the 1980’s, Mike designed the first successful RPH military drone RPV’s named “Heli-Cam” which offered rotor spans from 12-18 feet with full downlink FPV and secondary camera for front-line military surveillance, motion picture and civilian use. Mike has also provided professional Director, Cinematographer services for the Industry and worked with some of the biggest agencies and talent.

Mike has performed RPH drone contracts and flights for companies such as; U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Marines, Night Vision Labs, Drug Enforcement, Border Patrol, FBI, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Embry Riddle Institute, National Enquire Magazine as well as numerous motion picture companies.

In 1992, Mike became the Publisher & Editor of Rotory Modeler Magazine, the leading publication for the R/C Helicopter / Drone industry for 19 consecutive years. Mike has provided design data, flight testing and consulting services for practically every Heli & Drone Manufacturer in the world.

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 Mike Mas

Mike Mas

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Located Near Atlanta’s Film & Movie Production Complex & Tyler Perry Studios.




Located near Atlanta’s Film & Movie Production Complex & Tyler Perry Studios
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